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an early morning crash sends an arlington police officer to the hospital. the major intersection shut down right now as police investigate. and we'll help you get around the wreck. good morning and welcome to "news 4 today" for this wednesday. >> it's wednesday. >> july 20th, 2011. i'm eun yang >> and i'm aaron gilchrist, in for joe krebs today. we begin with a live look outside. as difficult as it may be to take that look with the haze in the sky. 75 degrees outside our studios right now. it's going to be a scorcher. uncomfortable sort of a day. >> that is. i don't think i've ever taken in so much water just trying to stay hydrated. you take it in, you sweat it right back out. >> good reminder, though, to stay hydrated. >> that's right. for doing anything, even just standing around. you start sweating. let's take a look around the area. boy, it is sticky right now. 77 degrees. humidity up to 84%. dewpoint temperature at 72 degrees. at the beginning of the week, we
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started out with a dewpoint temperature in the-o 60s. low and mid-60s. in the 70s, it's going to stay in the low 70s. high humidity not just here but so much of the country. that heat index by later today, it sits near 80 degrees. it's going to be up around 100 degrees later today. currently you are sitting at 75 degrees in burke. aspen hill in bethesda at 72. trinidad and tinley town at 77. mitchellville, good morning to you, you're at 75 degrees. going up to a high of 95. that's about where we were yesterday. two degrees cooler. hazy sunshine throughout the area. we'll get rid of some of these clouds. then your "night planner" forecast at 7:00, we'll be dipping down to 88. 9:00, 84 degrees. a mostly clear sky. we'll be getting into sunshine tomorrow and a very, very hot day. eun, aaron? >> veronica, thank you. more now on that breaking news we've been following all
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morning. a serious car accident involving an arlington county police officer. >> that crash has shut down washington boulevard at north glebe road in ballston. news 4's melissa mollet is live with the latest. what do we know? >> reporter: good morning. i can tell you in just a few moments it looks like perhaps one section of this intersection may reopen, westbound washington heading onto northbound glebe. it looks like they are prepared inform move some of those cones to reopen. if that happens in the next few minutes, we'll let you know. investigators still on the scene taking photos, taking measurements. this crash sending an officer to the hospital with serious injuries. this all started at 2:15 this morning. the arlington officer was responding to a call for a fight at ballston mall just down the street. he was heading south on north glebe road when his cruiser and the tan corolla collided. the corolla ended up on the median with significant damage to the front end. the police cruiser ended up across the street in the bushes with significant damage to the front of that vehicle.
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it was a female driver in the corolla. she suffered minor injuries. investigators telling us her blood alcohol is being tested. police say she had been drinking, but they do not believe she was intoxicated at the time of the crash. the officer, 40 years old, has been with the police department for the past five years here, again suffering some serious injuries. it could be several hours before the road here completely opens up. of course, we are keeping an eye on things for you for when this intersection does completely open up. i know, danella, you have some alternate routes you can perhaps adjust for people. i do. i have alternate routes to suggest. i want to talk about this water main break and give you the alternate routes in about ten minutes. this water main break at georgia avenue asshorefield road has many areas shut down. in wheaton, northbound georgia avenue one lane will get you by. southbound georgia avenue completely closed. weissman road at grandview also shut down. weissman road at jetson road also shut down, and georgia
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avenue at henderson avenue, these are all shut down while the water main is being fixed. congestion building in our area. this is 66 the sudley road, heavy volume as you make your way on 66, but there are no accidents there. 270 at 109 in maryland, i-270 south, i am seeing volume here, but it looks like you're getting a break in the volume. that is a good sign. hopefully this will continue. and i'll be back in ten minutes with alternate routes if you're traveling in virginia and trying to get around washington boulevard. eun, back to you. >> danella, thank you. 6:04. today the airports authority could decide how metro runs to dulles. board members are expected to vote on a plan to build an above ground metro station at the airport. the authority had previously decided to build a more expensive underground station, claiming it would be more convenient for travelers, less of an eyesore, and would last longer. u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood wants the board to reconsider that plan. he prefers an above ground
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station and other changes that would save about $1 billion on the project. and more bad news for northern virginia commuters. traffic on 395 may be getting even worse in the coming years. the "washington examiner" is reporting that state officials are cutting $100 million worth of transit upgrades that were supposed to be part of the i-95 hot lanes project. those upgrades included new rapid bus transit stations and new routes. they were supposed to ease congestion during the construction of the hot lanes which will run from garrisonville road in stafford county and edsall road in fairfax county. a 14-year-old boy is recovering from a gunshot wound to the leg. this happened last night near 14th street and columbia road in northwest. you can see more than a dozen shell casings littered the streets there. police have not made any arrests. no motive, no suspect information has been released. in the day ahead, british prime minister david cameron will be the in the hot seat answering questions about the
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phone hacking scandal. he cut short a trip to africa and called a special session of parliament. cameron's judgment has been questioned because he knowingly hired a former "news of the world" editor after reporters had been convicting of hacking phones of the royals. rupert murdoch told parliament that those who betrayed our trust must be held accountable under the law. he apologized to lawmakers but denied any responsibility. >> i would like to say one sentence. this is the most humble day of my life. >> murdoch and his son testified before british lawmakers. the murdochs control a media entire that includes fox news as well as the now defunct newspaper accused of illegal hacking, "the news of the world." former editor rebekah brooks also denied she knew of any illegal activity. and rupert murdoch's wife sprang into action defending her husband. you can see her in the pink jacket. she jumped up and slapped a
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spectator who tried to throw a pie pan full of shaving cream in her husband's face. the spectator is in custody. the debt debate could see some progress this morning after the introduction of a new pi partisan proposal. the gang of six, a group of three republican and three democratic senators, including virginia's mark warner, introduced a new plan yesterday. it would reduce the deficit by $4 trillion over the next decade and add $1 trillion in tax revenue. it has already received support from both sides of the aisle and won the president's approval as well. but republicans in the house are still pushing for cut, cap, and balance, which passed the house yesterday, primarily along party lines. the president says, for the first time, however, he is seeing signs of compromise. >> i think we now are seeing the potential for a bipartisan consensus. >> we're here because the american people told us overwhelming overwhelmingly cut the spending, cut the debt. >> cut, cap, and balance is
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expected to die in the democratic controlled senate. the president could get an idea of what folks in our region think about the debt ceiling debate later this week at a town hall of the t hall. the university of maryland says the president is planning to visit college park on friday. it will be held at richie coliseum, which holds only about 1,200 people. a limited number of general admission tickets will be made available. it will be hard to get in there. 6:08 is your time. 75 degrees in upper northwest washington. a new poll out this morning showing
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at 6:11. as we take a look outside, you can see we've got cloud cover and partly cloudy sky with us with haze and a little fog. 72 is the current dewpoint temperature with 77 for an actual air temperature reading. that's making it feel just a little higher, the temperature. speaking of which, we are running several degrees higher than average. some seven to eight degrees higher than the average high temperature last couple of days. 77 is where we are. clarksburg at 74. we are going to go to a high temperature today of 95 degrees, just two degrees shy from where we were yesterday. good morning. breaking news out of wheaton, maryland, a water main break right here. chopper 4 is live over it. this is definitely going to affect your commute. traveling northbound georgia avenue, you're shut down. one lane gets you by to the left. if you're traveling southbound georgia avenue, completely cl e closed weissman road at
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grandview shut down as well. weissman road at jetson road, this is shut down as well. henderson avenue at georgia avenue shut down as well. this is a huge mess. definitely going to cause you problems. we'll be tracking this all morning. in virginia, washington boulevard still shut down at glebed road. i have a workaround if you're traveling. from north glebe road, make a right on fairfax drive. a left on quincy street and then a left on old dominion drive. you're going to get right back on glebe road and continue your commute. if you're traveling south glebe road, southbound here, what you want to do is make a right on lee highway, a left on george mason, and a left on wilson boulevard. back to you, aaron and eun. >> danella, thank you. 6:02 is your time. how the astronauts aboard the
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welcome back. it's 6:16. this is the view of earth from space on the shuttle "atlantis." the shuttle is headed back to earth after resupplying the international space station. the four-person crew will spend the day today putting equipment away and doing television interviews. this is the last flight for the space shuttle program ending a 30-year era. landing is scheduled for 5:56 a.m. tomorrow, and you can watch it live here on "news 4 today." nfl players could begin to shed the chains of a four-month-old lockout today. the players association is reviewing portions of a new collective bargaining agreement, and they hope to be presented with the finalized version soon. if the players are able to approve the deal, owners would take a vote of their own tomorrow during a special meeting in atlanta. the only hurdle remaining is the lawsuit filed by players against the league. if that can be settled, there will likely be football this fall. >> we've got to trust the process, make sure that we get this right. it's very important to the players that they get this
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right, which is why they've been involved and, woulding rking so. >> if a new deal is agreed to, teams could start to sign free agents next week, and training camps for all 32 teams could open at the end of the month. now to decision 2012. republican presidential hopeful michelle bachmann is respond to go a report about her health. former aides told an online news site bachmann went to the hospital for migraines, and times her migraines leave her incapacitated. she takes prescription medications to get her migraines under control, and they're not a big problem for her. bachmann surged into second place among 12 republicans. mitt romney remains number one at 30%. bachmann is at 16%. that's a big difference from a month ago when she was at 3%. texas governor rick perry comes in third, but he hasn't even decided on a presidential run. today the army major accused of going on a shooting rampage at ft. hood in 2009 will be formally charged.
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former major nadal hasan will be arraigned today on 13 points of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder. hasan will get to enter a plea, but because he faces the death penalty, military law requires him to plead not guilty. attorneys for hasan say they may use an insanity defense. that trial expected to start next march. this morning a taliban spokesman is denying reports the group's leader is dead. the spokesman says a text message sent to journalists claiming the insurgent leader mullah omar had died is fake and the result of a phone hack. rumors of omar's death began to circulate when the text message announced the quote commander of the muslim faithful is dead. that's the title reserved for the leader of the taliban. this morning the head of a d.c. nonprofit group is in custody accuseded of working for the pakistani government. police arrested the director of the kashmiri-american council, which claims to be dedicated to raising awareness of the
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kashmiri people's struggle. but the fbi says the organization was run by elements of the pakistani government. if that's the case, he broke the law because he never told the justice department about his ties to a foreign government. he is due in a federal court in alexandria tomorrow. coming up on 20 after the hour, three children and two adults are recovering this morning after a tree limb fell on them. the kids were all attending the people's church summer vacation bible camp. they were visiting garfield park in southeast when the large limb fell. we're told the injuries are serious but none is considered life-threatening. we've been telling you about black bear sightings in d.c. area for weeks. now this morning we're getting a good look at one. take a look. a viewer sent us these pictures of a black bear in bethesda. these photos were taken two days ago in the carter rock neighborhood. there he is earlier this month. that's a real black bear, aaron. >> i think i see a honey pot. >> residents in leesburg, loudoun county, reported several black bear sightings. no word if this could be the
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same bear. we heard this is the season when the mama bears let their cubs loose and to fend for themselves. the adolescent bears. all these adolescent bears out there. >> trying to figure it out >> because they don't have their mamas to take care of them anymore. >> got to fend for yourself at some point. sink or swim, right? >> it's hard. they're just trying to find some food. >> i'm sure they'll be fine. 6:21 is your time. veroni veronica? >> we're just trying to find a cool spot out there today, i don't know about the honey pot. 77 degrees at reagan national airport. it's a sticky one out there this morning, and there is even a little bit of fog around the area. spots just to the west of us, south and west. culpepper, visibility at about a mile and a half. look at some of the other readings coming on. low 70s there. culpepper and fredericksburg, even la plata at 75 degrees. weather front came through the area late yesterday. weak boundary now. most of the cloud cover off to
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the west of the area. around here we've gotten some clouds, certainly a lot of haze. more humidity today. so there could be isolated thunderstorms popping mainly west of the area from westminster, maryland, down through gaithersburg, maryland. manassas and around front royal later this afternoon. we continue with the hazy conditions, take you through the day here. you can see by late this evening we will start clearing out. it's not going to be cooling down. we'll see temperatures overnight in the upper 70s to around 80 degrees. 96 degrees in fredericksburg. here's a look at your wakeup forecast. 78 to 79 degrees early tomorrow. there is an excessive heat watch that has been issued for the day tomorrow. from 96 feeling like 100 degrees today to 90 to 84 this evening. your four-day forecast, your triple digit readings. what we didn't want to see coming, but it's going to come for sure at the end of the week. 99 to 101 thursday, friday, and
6:23 am
saturday. danella? >> good morning. breaking news out of virginia. we have westbound washington boulevard is now reopened at north glebe. this is the crash that happened earlier this morning involving a police car. right now you can see that bus right now is traveling. this is all a good thing. if you're traveling westbound on washington, you may take northbound onto glebe to make your way around this. we've been tracking this all morning. that is a good sign. as we head back to our map tech map, i can show you alternate routes if you're trying to get around this as well. this time traveling from north glebe road, what you want to do is make a right on fairfax drive and a left on quincy street and a left on old dominion drive. also traveling southbound glebe, you can make a right on lee highway to get around this, left on george mason, a left on wilson boulevard, and you'll reconnect with glebe there. also, chopper 4 is live over the water main break. this is in wheaton. it's shut down many roads for you as you're traveling. so you have to just avoid this
6:24 am
area if possible. georgia avenue northbound, one lane gets you by at shore field road if you're traveling georgia avenue, southbound completely closed. allow crews to work. eun and aaron, back to you. >> thanks, danella. coming up on 6:24 right now, coming up on 6:24 right now, what millions
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welcome back. at 6:26 today, the first lady will launch a major partnership to bring healthy foods to low income areas in the country. according to "usa today," several national grocery store chains, including walmart and super value will open or expand more than 1,500 stores. right now 23.5 million americans live in low income areas where stores are less likely to sell affordable and nutritious foods. millions of women may soon have free access to birth control. the institute of mindanedicine indicates that insurance companies provide free birth control and cover diabetes tests during pregnancy and screenings for the virus that causes cervical cancer at no cost to
6:28 am
the patient. the federal government asked them to look at the birth control issue are inform the new health care law. the department of health and human services will make the final decision. it's a busy wednesday morning. we're following a number of breaking news stories. >> a dead lly [ cherie ] i always had a job, everand going to school work. it was not until the university of phoenix that i was able to work full-time, be a mom, and go to school. the opportunities that i had at the university of phoenix, dealing with professionals teaching things that they were doing every day, got me to where i am today. i'm mayor cherie wood, i'm responsible for the largest urban renewal project in utah,
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6:31 is your time now. 75 degrees. just take a look out there. cloudy skies. it's hazy, hot, and humid. it's the kind of weather where you just want to sit still or sit in front of a fan or air conditioner. take cover. it's going to be hot out there. good morning to you. i'm eun yang >> and i'm aaron gilchrist in for joe krebs. it's wednesday, july 20th. and we begin with the big
6:32 am
story around here and around the country for that matter, the extreme heat. heat advise i in effect for the district, maryland, and 29 other states. that's two-thirds of the country. many advisories will be in effect for the next three days. >> that is hot, hot, hot. and you were telling us that we could be having a number of consecutive 100 degree days, which is not common. we know who gets hot around here. >> exactly. we could wind up with three, and that's -- if that happens, that would only be the fourth time that's ever happened here. only the fourth. we're talking about a long stretch of even 90 degree heat around the area. last year we had 12 days in a row. this year we could wind up at at least 10. main avenue at 77. sandy spring at 72. here's a look at your forecast today. clouds here early part of the day with hazy sunshine in the afternoon. high temperature yesterday of 97. today i think 95 because we're on the other side of a weak front. maybe an isolated thunderstorm popping well west of the area today but hazy sunshine with a
6:33 am
high of 95, likely to feel like we're up around 100 degrees by the afternoon. eun, aaron? >> thanks, veronica. breaking news. part of washington boulevard is open again in arlington hours after an arlington county police officer was seriously hurt there in a crash. >> investigators say he collided with another car on north glebe road and washington boulevard overnight. that's in the ballston area. news 4's melissa mollet is live as she has been all morning gathering the latest. melissa? >> reporter: take a look behind me. that's right. 10 or 15 minutes ago, this section westbound washington and north glebe did reopen. that's definitely going to help with the morning commute and folks trying to get off of north glebe onto 66 east. as you can see here, the investigators still out here on the scene this morning taking photos, taking measurements, trying to determine exactly what happened around 2:15 this morning. at that time, arlington officer responding to a call for a fight at the ballston mall, was
6:34 am
heading south on north glebe when his cruiser and a tan corolla collided. that corolla ended up on the median with significant damage to the front end of the car, and the cruiser ended up on the west side with severe damage. the driver suffered minor injuries. her blood alcohol has been tested. police believe she had been drinking but doo not believe she was intoxicated at the time. as far as the police officer goes, a five-year veteran of the force, 40-year-old man, suffering serious injuries. this intersection shut down for the most part, just one area open. danella, tell us how to work around this issue this morning. >> that is good. that is going to relieve some pressure for your morning commute. if you're traveling northbound glebe road, make a right on fairfax drive, make a left on quincy street and make a left on old dominion drive. traveling southbound glebe road, make a right on lee highway, left on george mason, and then a left on wilson boulevard. i want to take you live to chopper 4 still over the water
6:35 am
main break. this is in the wheaton area. this has georgia avenue shut down from randolph road to henderson. completely shut down. please avoid this area. if i were you, i would take connecticut avenue and avoid georgia avenue all together while they work to restore the water main break. and i want to show you this 66 jammed at sudley. and the other lanes are east as you continue on past the rest area. new york avenue and bladensburg, i see delays for you, and your delays begin at the times plant and continue on as you make your way to bladensburg. aaron. welcome, aaron. and eun, back to you. >> thanks, danella. breaking news out of northeast washington. police are on the scene of a deadly shooting. this happened along dix street. we want to show you pictures we're just getting in. police are searching for the gunman as we speak. a crew is on the scene, and we're working to get more information from police. we'll continue to follow the story and bring you the very latest as we get more information throughout the
6:36 am
morning. police are investigating a shooting death in springfield, fairfax county. 73-year-old gary hanson shot inside his home on chancellor way just off the fairfax county parkway. police swarmed the neighborhood and told residents to stay inside their homes until the area was secured. at this point in the investigation, police are not releasing much information. police did issue a lookout for gary hanson's son richard. richard hanson is not considered a suspect. he's wanted because he has a medical condition and is considered a danger to himself. police say he may be driving a 1998 four-door green saturn with virginia tags klg-2406. a man hunt is in under way in fairfax county for a man police say sexually assaulted a woman in her own apartment and may now be targeting her neighbors. the first attack happened early saturday morning on lewis chapel circle in lorton. police say a man wearing a mask came through a window and sexually assaulted a woman while
6:37 am
her three daughters, ages 2 to 9, slept just down the hall. the children were not injured, and the man got away. since the attack, neighbors have noticed damage to their windows and screens. police do not have a good description of the suspect but say he is masked and armed with a hammer. about 23 before the hour. if you use metro parking lots and garages, you may want to be more careful about leaving things in your car when you park for the day. transit authority police say there has been a rise in break-ins at stations on the red, blue, and orange lines. there were 19 cars broken into last thursday alone. 12 of them at the largo town center garage. police describe the break-ins as smash and grabs where thieves look for valuables left in plain sight. police say they will add more officers and step up monitoring at the affected stations. the prince george's county counsel wants to impose strict letter regulations on nice clubs. according to "the washington post," the clubs would be required to submit security plans to county officials, and it would give police the power to shut down clubs deemed a threat to public safety.
6:38 am
so far this year, 6 of the county's 64 murders have been linked to nightclubs compared to just 3 last year. the bill still has to be signed by county executive reshard baker before it can become law. the dire prediction from the postal service. when mail
6:39 am
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6:41 am
from warm to hot. we're going to be very hot. welcome back to weather and traffic on the ones. it's 6:41. we've got muggy conditions. look at the temperatures. awfully, awfully warm throughout the area. glendale and adelphi at 74 degrees. 77 degrees right in the district. we're going to see a high temperature today of 95 degrees. we're going to have some hazy skies throughout the area. maybe even an isolated thunderstorm late this
6:42 am
afternoon. 95 today but extreme heat the remainder of the work week. we could see a heat index of near 110 degrees on friday. the actual air temperature tops out at 101. three days with highs around 100 thursday, friday, and saturday. danella? >> good morning. affecting your commute, still have washington boulevard and glebe road. parts of it still shut down. however, westbound washington boulevard is now open. you can take that to north glebe if you'd like to continue on to 66. i want to show you chopper 4 live over the water main break. this is a huge problem in the wheaton area shutting down major roads. georgia avenue road southbound is closed. and weissman closed in both directions. grandview closed in both directions. this is a huge mess. if you can take connecticut avenue, i would take connecticut avenue and just follow police direction. avoid this area completely. i'll be back in about ten minutes with another update. aaron and eun.
6:43 am
>> danella, thanks. 6:42 now. it's 75 degrees. the popular exhibit at the
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15 before the hour. the fate of the dulles rail project could rest on a single vote. the dulles airport authority expected to vote on an above ground station at the airport. they had previously decided to vote on an underground station, claiming it would be more convenient for travelers, less of an eyesore, and it would last longer. u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood is pushing for an above ground station and other changes that would save about $1 billion on the project. loudoun county's board of supervisors voted yesterday to accept that proposal. they say they may pull out of the project all together without the above ground station. >> if the mr directors won't budge, i am afraid that the loudoun county board of supervisors may vote to opt out completely out of the project. so that means no metro to loudoun county. i'm very afraid that's going to happen. >> loudoun and fairfax county
6:47 am
taxpayers as well as dulles toll road drivers are paying for the ma jority of the dulles rail project. and the dulles authority taking heat for another project it's planning. expanding and improving its own headquarters. it's thinking of spending $7.2 million to double the size of its boardroom and build an expansion at its headquarters at reagan national. some board members say they're too cramped in the facilities, but others say it makes the airport authority look more concerned with its own well-being and not the business of running washington area airports. 6:47 now. right now british prime minister david cameron is talking about what he knew in the phone hacking scandal. this is a live picture from inside the parliament chambers in london. he cut short a trip to africa and called a special session of parliament. cameron's judgment has been questioned because he knowingly hired a former "news of the rld" editor after two employees were convicted of hacking phones of the royals. but he says his entire staff
6:48 am
behaved properly. and this morning news corp chief executive rupert murdoch said his company must be held accountable under the law and his company is taking steps to make sure something like this never happens again. murdoch apologized to lawmakers but denied any responsibility. the murdochs control a media empire that includes fox news plus the newspaper accused of illegal hacking "the news of the world." former editor rebekah brooks also testified. she too denied knowledge of any legal activity. today lawmakers will have a new proposal to consider in the debt limit debate. that measure was developed by the gang of six. it's a group of three democrat and three republican senators, including virginia's mark warner. they introduced a plan yesterday. it would reduce the deficit by about $4 trillion over the next decade and add $1 trillion in tax revenue. it has already received support from both sides of the aisle and won the president's approval. house republicans are still
6:49 am
pushing for cut, cap, and balance, which passed the house yesterday primarily along party lines. it, however, is expected to die in the senate. the president could get an idea of what folks in our region think about the debt ceiling debate later this week at a town hall. the university of maryland says president obama is scheduled to visit college park to participate in that meeting on friday. it will be held at richie coliseum, one of the smaller venues on campus, which holds only about 1,200 people. the university says a limited number of general admission tickets will be made available. want job security? get a job with the federal government. "usa today" finds workers in federal agency,more likely to die than get fired for poor performance or misconduct. for the fiscal performance ending last september, more than 11,000 federal workers were fired, which is only about 1/2 of 1% of its work force. the private sector fires 3% of its work force each year. neither the federal communications commission nor the federal trade commission fired or laid off a single
6:50 am
employee last year. this morning the post master general says cutting saturday mail service may only be the beginning. it could go down to only a few days a week. nicole lapin anchor of cnbc's "worldwide exchange" joins us with more. the u.s. postmaster general is telling "usa today" that soaring red ink could cut mail delivery, which has been mandated by congress since 1983, and it could even prompt a cut to three days a week within 15 years. postal service is projected to lose $8.6 billion this year. it has to make a $5 billion payment on top of that to cover future retirees' health benefits. also, this morning we're hearing when students and professionors return to campus this fall, they may notice a few things missing. schools across the country are trying to find creative ways to cut their budgets. montgomery college of maryland has dropped free printing for students. texas tech has cut phone lines
6:51 am
in offices. the university of colorado boulder has dumped trash pickup. so the faculty actually has to take the garbage out with them at the end of their day. eastern oregon university says everybody out of the pool. it's drained their indoor pool saying it was too costly to maintain. those are the latest headlines out of cnbc. back to you. >> boy, some of that really stinks. thanks, nicole. >> bye. later today the national zoo will announce the future of the kids farm exhibit. this comes months after the smithsonian institution said the farm animal exhibit would close due to budget cuts. the kids farm gave children an up close view of animals. zoo officials say they have been exploring other options to keep the exhibit open. >> i love the national zoo. it's one of the best places for families. it's free. it's wonderful. >> i'm with you. i take my family there all the time. >> aaron, stop. 6:51.
6:52 am
weather and traffic on the ones. veronica, hot, hazy, humid? >> i feel for the polar bears during times like these when they're at the zoo. >> don't they get those big blocks of ice? doesn't help? >> with all the animals, they've got their big fur coats on right now. >> yes, they do. for us, folks, the big concern the next couple of days, the high heat index values more than anything, including any isolated storms we could get, which there is a slight chance today. 77 is the current temperature. right now we've got a heat index of 78 degrees. some of the other temperatures throughout the area, 72 to 77 degrees. hagerstown to right in town. and the radar is currently dry. maybe an isolated storm just west of the area. the green is the possibility of some storms around the area for today. so some hazy sunshine. it's going to feel like we're up around 100 degrees as we get to a high of 95 degrees. a lot of clouds are going to start burning off. the fog too that we've got out there now. 82 by 11:00 p.m. once we heat up to 95 degrees,
6:53 am
we're going to start cooling down. only into the upper 70s this time during the overnight. and a heat index 105 to 110 tomorrow. so an excessive heat watch issued. i think we're going to see another one come our way on friday. 96 the high, feeling like we're up around 100. for your evening, we're into the 80s. we'll take a look, folks, at the end of the week. 99, 101, and 100 degrees at the end of the week. back to you. eun? >> thanks, veronica. 6:53. breaking news in arlington. part of washington boulevard is closed right now in ballston after a police officer's cruiser collided with another car, sending both drivers to the hospital. >> the officers suffered serious injuries. the other driver was not badly hurt. once again, part of washington boulevard still closed at north glebe road where that accident happened, and one lane of northbound glebe just reopened. we also have breaking news in wheaton. that's in montgomery county. a water main break along georgia avenue is causing massive delays. >> let's go straight to tracee
6:54 am
wilkins with a look at the damage to the road and the morning commute out there. tracee? >> reporter: good morning. let me show you what it's looking like out here weissman road. you can see the water running down the roadway here. i'm told this is one of the hardest hit areas. they actually have homes that have been flooded by the water coming down the road here. this is a huge mess. just after 5:00 a.m. they had a water main break here. wssc spokesman says they're trying to figure out which line broke down here. they don't which line it was. obviously, they're dealing with a water main break. at this point we don't know how large that main is. joining us here is a spokesperson with wssc. thank you for joining us. what's happening right now? >> right now we have crews working to isolate the break, mean to go determine exactly which one of our mains has broken this morning and to shut that down so we can stop the flow of water and begin repairs. >> reporter: now, we have closures here on georgia avenue. if you take a look right up here
6:55 am
to the left. you can see one of those closures here at short field between randolph road and henderson road, they have georgia avenue closed in both directions, trying to keep traffic from coming down here. i understand the closure is wide like that so drivers can have some options as they're appro h approaching the area. >> yes. it's my understanding the montgomery county police moved the closures back to randolph and henderson to give drivers as much possibility to detour around the break as they can this morning. >> reporter: weissman is also closed in both directions. we just made our way up some of these side streets. they're very narrow. traffic is backing up. it's a complete mess w more information on how to get around this, we'll go to danella sealock. >> good morning, tracee. this is a big mess. chopper 4 is over that area, and you can see it's out of control, water everywhere. it's going to make your commute quite difficult this morning. again, georgia avenue shut between arcola as well as randolph road, all those side streets are shut down as well. if you can take connecticut avenue as an alternate route, i
6:56 am
would definitely suggest it while crews work. and also, we still have washington boulevard shut down at glebe road. this is in virginia. and i'm going to give you an alternate route for that as well. if you're traveling north glebe road, what you want to do is make a right on fairfax drive, make a left on quincy street and a left on old dominion. then as well, if you're traveling south glebe road, you want to make a right on lee highway, a left on george mason, and a left on wilson boulevard. tough commute this morning. i want to show you 66 at sudley as well. you're jammed as you make your way on 66 to the fairfax county parkway. aaron and eun, back to you. 6:56 now. here's a look at the morning's top stories. police on the scene of a deadly shooting in northwest washington. this is happening along dix street. the victim's name has not been released. police are searching for the gunman now. and police investigating a shooting death in springfield county as well. 76-year-old gary hanson shot in his home.
6:57 am
so far no arrests made. players could vote on a new collective bargaining agreement today in the hopes of ending an nfl lockout f they agree on a deal, owners could vote tomorrow. the main hurdle, a lawsuit by nine players that still needs to be settled. and the space shuttle "atlantis" almost on its way home. landing is scheduled for 5:56 tomorrow morning. you can watch it live right here on "news 4 today." and that is it for "news 4 today." we appreciate you starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll [ carrie ] i remember my very first year as a teacher, setting that goal to become a principal.
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but, i have to support my family, so how do i go back to school? university of phoenix made it doable. a lot of my instructors were principals in my district. i wouldn't be where i am without that degree. my name is dr. carrie buck. i helped turn an at-risk school into an award winning school, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] find your program at
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